Here is what some of our patients are saying ...

"When I first arrived at Dr Applebaum's office over a year ago, I was a mess. My seasonal allergies were causing me serious discomfort. Dr Applebaum immediately got my symptoms under control with medication. Then I was tested and now I receive shots which have reduced my sensitivity. Due to the shots, the amount of medication I take has been reduced, and my pulmonary function is better than ever. I would recommend Dr Applebaum to anyone who suffers from allergies."  -J.S.

"Dr. Applebaum is an excellent allergist. He listens to his patients and has great communication with me. His staff is so polite and curteous to me. And I never wait a long time for anything." -L.R.

"This place has been a godsend in getting me to feel better and to not have to blow my nose every five minutes. I can actually sit through a meal in a restaurant without having to get up to blow my nose constantly. I can sit at the beach and enjoy myself. Not having to keep a stack of tissues in my purse, my bathing suit, my car, ugh, I simply cannot believe the difference. It's like my quality of life has greatly improved, and I can't thank Dr. Applebaum enough for that. Keep up the good work!!!" -C.N.

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