More effective treatments from more precise testing

  • Allergy testing – An allergy is your body’s way of reacting to something you eat, breathe or touch. Substances that trigger allergic reactions are called allergens. While allergic reactions can be mildly annoying, they can also be life-threatening. Such is the case with some insect stings or bites that can cause anaphylactic shock.
    Sadly, most people don’t realize how much better they would feel if their symptoms were properly diagnosed and managed by an allergy and immunology specialist, or allergist. Allergists start in pediatrics or internal medicine, then take at least two more years of specialized training in allergy and immunology. An allergist is your best choice for relief from allergies and asthma.
  • Skin testing – The most common allergy test uses a very small amount of different allergens put into your skin with a pin "prick." If the spot swells, you are allergic to that particular allergen. The spots that remain normal are those allergens you are not allergic to. Reactions typically occur within about 15 minutes. The small hives caused by positive tests will disappear within about 30 minutes. To minimize the risk from rare side effects, you should always have your skin test done in Dr. Applebaum's office.
  • Spirometry – This test measures how much air you can inhale and exhale and how fast you can exhale. Spirometry is commonly used to test for asthma and other breathing problems such as COPD.

Benefits of allergy testing

Allergy testing gives Dr. Applebaum precise information about what you are allergic to. Along with allergy testing, he will do a through physical examination and talk to you about your health history and symptoms. Combined with his specialized knowledge, allergy testing can reveal if you’re really allergic to a family pet or dust mites.

  • Allergies – There are many types of allergies: Food allergies. Seasonal allergies. Pet allergies. Insect sting allergies. Plant allergies. Allergic rhinitis (hay fever). Hives. Pollen allergy. Mold allergies and more. Dr. Applebaum follows patients closely with regular face-to-face visits until your allergy problem is solved.

If you suspect allergies, get tested. Dr. Applebaum can easily diagnose all kinds of allergies and treat them with today’s most effective techniques. Armed with this knowledge, he will create a more effective treatment plan for you.

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